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You can apply for FREE today to become a member of the Glasgow Connected Arts Network.

Glasgow CAN is a growing community of artists working across a range of disciplines and practices within the Participatory Arts sector; from theatre and performance, music and sound, visual art and dance. Perhaps you are an emerging artist or organisation new to Participatory Arts, and looking to make connections within the sector and develop professionally? You have come to the right place.

Glasgow CAN supports artists and organisations whose practice engages people across communities, and champions Participatory Arts. We are committed to growing our membership to develop a network of artists, groups and companies, and encouraging collaboration and engagement in Participatory Arts in Glasgow.

Each member receives their own profile, which Glasgow CAN, exclusive access to training and development opportunities throughout the year, and the chance to apply for small pots of project funding. To join today, simply complete the form below and our membership and marketing administrator will be in touch shortly to confirm your application.

We’re thrilled to have you – welcome to Glasgow CAN!

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