Resilience Grant

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The new Resilience Grant scheme is now CLOSED for submissions. Proposals were submitted in May 2020 for up to £500 from members based north-of-the-river-Clyde in Glasgow to support artists during this challenging time. 26 artists / micro organisations are currently being supported through our new scheme.

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What have we funded previously?

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Our Commissioned Projects programme has historically supported a vast number of individual projects across a diverse range of arts practices, including; 

Chaz B & Resurgance Scotland: Glasgow CAN supported member Chaz Bonnar and his company Resurgence to deliver a series of dance workshops, culminating in Resurgence 4, a breaking event at Glasgow’s Classic Grand.

Terra Incognita – From Her, to HerGlasgow CAN supported Terra Incognita’s From Her, To Her – a partnership project with Saheliya, an organisation in Springburn, which supports women from BAME backgrounds and asylum seekers to access equal opportunities. From Her, To Her comprised of a series of creative workshops marking the centenary of the Representation of the People’s Act, which first gave (some) women the vote in Britain in 1918.

New Rhythms for Glasgow / Soundplay Dome: Glasgow CAN supported New Rhythms for Glasgow to bring the Soundplay Dome, a multi-sensory, audiovisual learning space to Balgrayhill Community Centre.

We have also previously commissioned projects from Mrs Magooty, Caishnah Nevans, Andy Edwards The Bold CollectiveOnly Skin Many StudiosStranger Games, Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre & LOOP and many more.

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What can the new grant cover?

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Glasgow CAN removed ALL competition from this new process. There is now no application form for this grant. The deadline has now passed. Applicants who met the minimum criteria were randomly selected until the budget was spent. We decided as an organisation that this was the fairest way to administer this fund during this very challenging time for participatory artists and small organisations.

Applicants were encouraged to read the guidelines carefully before submitting a proposal. Proposals were submitted in the form of an attached document of of no more than 1500 words and emailed to by the deadline. Links to social media sites and previous work could be included. This grant could potentially be used as match funding.

The application window was 11th-25th May 2020. Proposals received after this were not considered. The money should be spent by awardees by 28th August 2020 at the very latest.

Although any member who works or is based north-of-the-river-Clyde in Glasgow was eligible to apply, if you are a medium/large organisation you were asked to please consider whether or not to apply. We really want these funds to reach those most in need of support.

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Our top five tips when putting a proposal together;

  1. Share your passion for your project or your practice on paper; why is there a need and what motivates you

  2. Ensure your income and expenditure totals match for the project, including any in-kind contributions

  3. Research rates and costs carefully

  4. Include a brief project timeline if appropriate

  5. Keep it short and concise

You must be a member to apply for this grant scheme. If you are not yet a member of Glasgow CAN but would like to join please click on Sign Up at the top of our home page. The form is quick to complete and membership is currently FREE.

Unfortunately Glasgow CAN currently can not currently support projects financially that take place in the South of Glasgow City through this current funding stream due to historical constraints but are exploring ways of changing this in the future.

If Glasgow CAN make the decision that a proposal is not eligible for the fund, the applicant will be informed and the proposal will not be entered into the draw. The most likely reason for this would be that the proposal does not meet the criteria and therefore is not in-line with Glasgow CAN’s key priorities as an organisation.

This scheme falls under Glasgow CAN’s North Arts Programme. Glasgow CAN would like to take this opportunity to thank Glasgow City Council’ IGF programme for their support for us to deliver this support to our members.